The discovery of MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern® has been the result of 23 years of pioneering research made by the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC), a leading American research institution in the field of human nutrition lead by Prof. Dr. Maurizio Lucà-Moretti®.

    Mission Statement

    INRC's research has been aimed to achieve the advanced scientific knowledge necessary to provide a safer and more effective nutrition to humankind. Thus, reducing the incidence of morbidity and mortality, as well as, improving quality of life.

    INRC believes that by providing a safer and nutritionally more effective nutrition, the standards of human physical and mental growth can be optimized. As a consequence, learning and working abilities can be enhanced. Thus, achieving the primary foundation for building a healthier and more productive self-sufficient human society.

    Scientific contributions

    INRC's scientific contributions to nutritional sciences can be defined as remarkable. Since 1971, INRC’s pioneering research  work has been dedicated to excell human nutrition and has resulted in major scientific achievements such as:

    1. The invention of a procedure denominated Metabolism Equalizing and Stabilizing Diet (MESD™). This nutritional procedure equalizes protein metabolism in human subjects, before they undergo Nitrogen Balance studies, thus, allowing an unprecedented accuracy and reliability in this methodology.
    2. The discovery of the MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern®, namely the ideal amino acid pattern for human nutrition. Since 1992, ten double-blind, triple and quintuple crossover Net Nitrogen Utilization® (NNU®) clinical studies performed in human subjects have confirmed that MAP® provides a 99% NNU® for body protein synthesis (BPS). This is the highest NNU® in comparison to any dietary protein, protein or amino acid supplement.

    INRC’s publications related to the previously described scientific achievements were deliberately postponed in order to allow the granting of the related patents. In recognition of the originality and nutritional effectiveness of the MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern® discovery, INRC has been granted patents from the United States of America, Canada, Japan and the twenty-seven countries that form the European Union.

    In recognition of INRC’s scientific contributions to the nutritional sciences, INRC’s President Prof. Dr. Maurizio Lucà-Moretti and Vicepresident Dr. Anna Grandi have been awarded with a cumulative of nine Honoris Causa degrees from universities worldwide; fifteen elections from National Academies of Medicine; two elections from National Academies of Science; two Medals of Honor for scientific merits; and the Cross of Alfonso X El Sabio, for scientific merits. Prof. Dr. Maurizio Lucà-Moretti curriculum vitae can be found in Who’s Who in Science, Who’s Who in Medicine, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in the World.  Dr. Anna Grandi curriculum vitae can be found in Who’s Who in Science.